Along the eco trail The Waterfalls Canyon

Along the eco trail The Waterfalls Canyon

Каньонът на водопадите / Waterfalls Canyon

At the end of spring and early summer is a time for waterfalls! What better than visiting more than one waterfall at once? Let’s say… about 46 waterfalls? You can’t believe…? Then keep reading because the Waterfalls Canyon will change your opinion!

Where is located the Waterfalls Canyon?

It is located so close to the town Smolyan that it can be reached by foot. All right… it is not so close… about 4 km from the city center… Take the west exit of Smolyan to the Mugla village, along Minyorska street and shortly after the last neighborhood houses you will see a branch to the right. There is a sign that indicates the eco path. You can go on inside with the car or leave it on the main road. I recommend that you leave the car and continue without it. The road is not the best, and it will not harm to extend the walk a little.

You can’t confuse the start of the trail, there are clearly detached signs and boards that welcome you to the “Soskovche” Reserve and direct you to the waterfalls. There is also a two-storey information center. And… read carefully the signboard that will introduce you the bears in the area and how to behave when meeting them… we are still in the wood. The reserve has a total area of about 178 hectares, and the eco trail is about 6 km long and travels from 2 to 6 hours depending on the pace, breaks and shooting time. There are many shooting opportunities… The good thing is that the route makes a circle and so you can enjoy a varied walk to the very end.

Let’s go to the waterfalls!

The path was set up in 2003 and was completely renovated in 2013, allowing to welcome a rather large stream of tourists. The route is definitely not a tough one, but it is obligatory that you put on yourself comfortable shoes. There are many relaxation places, where you can sit and take a sip of air. You will be captured by the color of nature and the unique interweaving of green and brown shades. The built bridges make it easier for you to cross the Elenska River… on one and the other side of the shore… And somewhere you can turn away from the path and try to cross the river on the fallen trees or just take a picture from a similar tree… I tried it, it’s worth it. Do not miss to shoot any of the 18 wooden bridges as a background of running water…

The path is more than well marked and you can’t get lost. It is time for the waterfalls themselves! The highest and most impressive waterfall is “Orpheus”. The fall of his waters is 68 meters. It is very difficult to shoot when it is full… the splashing from it falls everywhere. I had to climb the neighboring upland and find a place to position the tripod… There was no marking, а trail also… it was too steep and slippery, but it was worth the effort… Standing in front of the magnificence of the waterfall, you can just keep silent, listen to the deafening noise of its falls and enjoy the greatness of nature… The remaining waterfalls are also very beautiful and they are interesting named – Sartseto (The Heart), Kamen uley (Stoned Chute), Ropkata (The Hole) and others. It’s good to see them at the end of spring, when they are full of water and reveal all their splendor…

The walk continues with a small ascent and several beautiful panoramic views over the valley and the town of Smolyan. There are built sites that allow… literally to overhang the rocks… Stay for a second and feel the beauty of the Rhodope Mountains… one of the most magnetic mountains… From there you are waiting for your way back… between the wonderful forest of the reserve! Do not rush and enjoy the most of your remaining time in this wonderful place. And be glad you did not see a bear…