Bergamo… under the shade of Milan

Bergamo… under the shade of Milan

Бергамо / Bergamo

When we talk about northern Italy everyone think of Milan, the main city in this region. Bergamo stick in the mind under the shade of his bigger neighbour, known like “Milan’s airport”. How unfortunate… The old part of the city hide amazing views and emotions! If you have that opportunity, obligatory you have to spare some hours to visit it! I left my car around the paid parking on Viale delle Mura, it’s located just below the old town. My first stop was basilica Santa Maria Maggiore… I have visited many cathedrals like Duomo di Orvietо, Duomo di Siena, Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and many others… But none of them made me speechless. This one did! The construction began in the 12th century, after that it was supplemented and reconstructed in different styles.

I was so hungry and I had to eat to enjoy the city. The stop was Il Fornaio, from Piazza Vechia to the left on Via Bartolomeo Colleoni and you will recognize it by the queueof people and the amazing scent of freshly baked pizza. I’m not sure, but I think that here for the first time I collidet with the traditional italian Pizzas, which are weighted for you in the store, and you pay the grams  you buy. I was fairly surprised to see, how they cut my pizza with scissor! I am not sure whether because I was really hungry, but the pizza tasted amazing. I bought a second one…

I felt already ready for tour in Bergamo! I started from the west parts and Torre Dell’Orologio, then walking down the Via della Boccola, from where you can see fantastic nature views. Lombardy landscape is worth!

At the end of Via della Boccola there is one small park, which was my next stop for rest and to take photograph of the view of Porta S. Lorenzo.

It was broiling hot and the shade on Via della Fara looked so enticing, so I decided to walking down that street. At the end there were fountain with cold water, so I felt blessed! I was around huge green meadow and… two doors! It was so beautiful! These views are one from my favourite.

I took the road of Via Porta Dipinta and immediately after Chiesa Parrocchiale di Sant’Andrea I found that huddled cottage… It was amazing, it just sitting there and waiting of me to photograph it. It was like dream house, I liked it!

I reached Piazza Mercato Delle Scarpe, a beautiful little square, but I didn’t take a picture of that, unfortunately. My tour was coming to an end and it was time to take my dose of caffeine… I went back to Piazza Vechia and my choice there was clear – Caffè del Tasso 1476. Piazza Vechia is the heart of the old town. There you fall in a Renaissance tale…

Let’s go back to the coffee… Unique coffee and when you imagine, that it works since 1476… that reinforce his sensation. My stay in Bergamo was coming to an end and I felt satisfaction… wonderful basilica, delicious pizza, little colorful cottage and coffee with history… that was my sensation for the city.