From where to photograph the Colosseum in Rome?

From where to photograph the Colosseum in Rome?

Откъде да снимаме Колизеума? / From where to photograph the Colosseum?

Before I undertake my trip to Rome, I had seen impressive pictures of Colosseum… It was majestic! The pictures enveloped it all and it’s easy to see, how wonderful it is… I wanted to find this place and make the same pictures! It was just perfect! Well, I found it! And now I’ll say it to you… Just a second… before I show you, I’ll share one more place, which reveals beautiful view. Walking down the alleys of Parco Del Colle Oppio, you can enjoy the majestic arena and the crowded crowds around it!

From where to photograph the Colosseum … the perfect location!

And so… going down we find ourselves to the entrance… Most compelling and stunning is the view, when you stand between the Roman Forum and Colosseum. You can fully enjoy this architectural wonder. Of course, the crowds around it are always enormous and they are so from 9:00 in the morning… My first attempts at photos from here were exactly at peak hour and despite my effort to take a photo over people’s heads… there was no chance of a good shot…

But I came back the next day, shortly after sunrise… Left in relax from the tourist crowds, the Colosseum looked even more impressive… Other enthusiastic photographers met earlier in the morning. Still not excluded lights and the partly rising sun, created the perfect picture… And when you stand against it, surrounded by silence, thinking that it’s here since the 80th year… you’re moving into another age… He simply conquers you… Not less impressive is at night, you need to shoot it then too…