Good morning, Budapest!

Good morning, Budapest!

sunrise in Budapest / изгрев в Будапеща

For this city I have a lot to tell you… I just don’t know from where to start… It is definitely from those cities where you want to come back again and again… I believe that to fall in love in one place, you have to see at least one sunrise or sunset. And while with the sunsets is a bit easier, sunrises are a big grief… It is always difficult to me to get up after the tired tours the day before… But I managed to fight in the last of the days and enjoy the amazing sunrise in Budapest.

The location of the Hungarian capital is wonderful! I love similar cities that have plenty of high places and many options for panoramic pictures… The decision to shoot the sunrise was quite difficult… Actually… I lied… even for a second I didn’t  ponder it… The choice was more than eloquent – The Fisherman’s Bastion! For three days in the city we were able to take a look at everything that was planed in advance, I had already gone through it once, and then I felt that this is the place! And I did not make mistake… as you will see from the pictures. We spent the night at Rákóczi Street, near Keleti Station… about 4 km from the bastion or 1 hour on foot… By 5:00, the phone alarm broke the silence, and my will for early getting up seemed to have evaporated somewhere… But fortunately… I succeeded! I went with the car and left it in the alley around the river… to the Szechenyi bridge. My idea was to photograph the bridge and the well-lit parliament while it was still dark… Yes, but no… The lights of the Parliament from the evening were gone… they obviously turned them off in the morning… But the shots of the bridge got pretty well…

It’s time for sunrise in Budapest

Then there was an ascent to the bastion, about 15-20 min… An early walk in a similar city acts refreshingly! But tranquility and silence were often disturbed by wanderer and clochard… In Budapest they are many… Yea… the mission completed! I managed to get up before the sun’s rays brighten the city. There were other enthusiasts sharing my view that exactly the Fisherman’s Bastion is the perfect place to meet the sunrise. I honestly admit… I had seen so beautiful pictures from here that I really wanted to make my own… Some to embody my entire stay in Budapest… Yeah… I succeeded! I put it first in the gallery! Many people are probably wondering, is it worth getting in at 5 o’clock, crossing the whole city, climbing, walking and all other efforts…? When I see the results… I understand that it is worth… It’s always worth…