Saint Joan Letni… a step away from Sofia

Saint Joan Letni… a step away from Sofia

Йоан Летни / Joan Letni

When I moved to Sofia there were some moments when I was refusing to believe that I could feel happy there… I had denied everything positive in that city and was seeing only the negative sides. Then I found that place and so many things changed!

How to get to the Chapel of Saint Joan Letni ?

You have to travel from Sofia to Pernik and then continue to Radomir. Drive along E871, bypass the crossing for Priboy and turn down the next one , for Potsarnentsi. If you follow the right direction you will reach the central square. On the left side there is a building with inscription “Смесен магазин” which means “General store” and has remained for many years. So turn behind it and keep going forward. You will see lovely buildings. After them there is a junction on the road. To the left the road continues through the field, so take the right side and then you can continue boldly. You pass through more cottages. If the weather is bad, it will be muddy… so if you have a lower car it’s better to leave it in some convenient place. You can drive by car to the dam. Usually I leave it shortly before the chapel (you will see it). You will be there for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The view above the Pchelina dam …

Once there was here a village instead of dam. Pchelintsi village. The name of the dam reminds of it. The chapel towers proudly above the dam. Shortly before it there are rocks, from where you can enjoy the great panoramic view. I love photographing from there, sitting on the rocks and not touching the ground underneath. I just feel free. The place possesses some mystery… you feel closer to God, even if you are not religious… The views from every point are great. There are places that make you visit them again and again… That is such a place! You can spend all day long sitting there… It is beautiful at sunrise, it is beautiful at the rest of the day and finally it gives you a great sunset… I managed to enjoy a great sunset on my third visit… I left Sofia spontaneously, I was sure the sunset would be great… I hurried, I was late, I thought I would not catch it… Well… I made it… And I was rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen…