Бийтълс в Ливърпул / Beatles in Liverpool

The Beatles are a phenomenon in the history of the music industry! Fact for this is that millions of fans from all over the world still land at John Lennon Airport just to feel the atmosphere of the band’s hometown. The Beatles Story Museum is the main place where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating way in the history of the band – from creation to gaining world fame. Located between the docks of Liverpool, the building is also home to the most impressive collection of belongings of the fabulous four! But the streets of the city are full of stories about them and you can just walk in the footsteps of the Beatles in Liverpool… And unlike the museum, most of these places are free!

💡 The headings with the names of the places are a link leading to the exact location.

John Lennon’s Childhood House

Only 5 years after the birth of her child, Julia decided to entrust the care of him to her sister Mimi. Thus, the young John Lennon remained living in his aunt’s house, located at 251 Menlove Avenue, until 1963, when he was 22 years old. The property was later sold, but Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, bought it in 2002 and left it as a legacy to Liverpool people and Beatles fans around the world. According to Paul McCartney, behind the walls of this house were born two of the band’s hits – “I’ll get you” and “Please Please Me”.

Strawberry Field

On the next corner are the gates of the former children’s home Strawberry Field. The place gained worldwide fame in 1967, after the release of the single Strawberry Fields Forever. John loved to visit the place and spend time playing with the children or playing the piano. According to many analysts, these moments have left a lasting imprint on his nature and work.

The place ceased to function as a children’s home in 2005, and a few months after my visit in 2019, the reconstruction of the entire territory was completed and today you can visit a special exhibition, cafe, information center, shop or explore the spacious gardens. The large-scale project was carried out after the mayor’s office estimated that on average about 60,000 people a year reach the iconic red gates and try unsuccessfully to peek into the overgrown “strawberry fields”… like me

Paul McCartney’s childhood home – 20 Forthlin Road

Paul McCartney’s teenage home is less than 2 km away. from John Lennon’s house! The McCartney family moved into the house on 20 Forthlin Road in 1955 when Paul was 13 years old. Many call it the “birthplace of the Beatles” because in her the band composed and rehearsed their earliest songs.

John Lennon’s first house – 9 Newcastle Rd

This is John Lennon’s first house, where he lived until he was 5 years old. After being sold by the family, the house went through several owners, but managed to retain its authentic spirit. That’s how it comes to 2013, when the property was sold at auction. The starting price is 150,000 pounds, and the final one is expected to reach about 250,000 pounds. In the end, the final amount is 480,000 pounds, which was paid by an anonymous American Beatles fan!

Penny Lane

“Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes…”. That’s right, this is the street that inspired the band for one of their most famous singles! It used to be an important road artery in the city and a key bus stop. Paul McCartney and John Lennon often passed by bus there and the place has left a deep mark in their minds… This is exactly what motivates them to make a song for the street, and the lyrics come by themselves, because every element of Penny Lane is painfully familiar to both of them…

Start your walk on it from Smithdown Road and continue along the entire length of the street, cross the railway overpass and reach the end… at Greenbank Road. Just immerse yourself in the atmosphere that this place brings…

After Penny Lane gained worldwide fame, street signs became the target of frequent thefts by fans of the group. This led to a decision to paint the street name on one of the walls. Although this practice is long gone and today there are much more durable street signs, the sign once written is left with safety glass so that many fans can take pictures with it… It’s located right HERE.

Penny Lane Development Trust

This center is located almost in the middle of the Penny Lane. The area was once part of the local school, but became unusable, and the Penny Lane Development Trust, established in 2010, managed to acquire the land to build the theme area. There are recreational facilities dedicated to the Beatles wall, the famous yellow submarine and a space for free use by locals. Often the place hosts various charitable causes.

Abbey Road – Liverpool Mural

The located on Grafton Street artwork is the perfect opportunity to become one of Ringo, George, John and Paul… The painting was commissioned by The Beatles Story Museum and depicts the famous cover of the album Abbey Road. The original street is in London, and in the famous photo, the four members of the group crossing the zebra. The photographer had only 10 minutes to take one of the most famous photos in the world! In the end he made 6 shots and McCartney make the final decision which one to use… Here you have enough time to take the perfect photo! Or you can take off your shoes… just like Paul McCartney!

Mathew Street

The heart of the city! This is where the band’s star journey begins… Named after one of their albums Rubber Soul, visited by the world’s most influential bands in the 70’s Eric, the statue of the famous local singer Sila Black, whose career path is closely linked to the Beatles, the statue of John Lennon leaning against one of the walls… It’s as if every corner of the narrow street tells you, “Hey, the Beatles were here!”…

But the top place is occupied by the most famous club in Liverpool and one of the most famous in the world – The Cavern! A bunch of world-famous artists have appeared on its stage, and in the 60’s it was occupied by four local boys… The Beatles have sung in the “cave” a total of 292 times!

The Beatles statue

In the area around the coast is the sculpture of the famous four… It was opened in 2015, 50 years after the last concert of the band in the city! The project was donated to Liverpool by the Cavern Club and is largely grateful to the city’s most famous residents for their contribution to its development.

Behind the big picture are many small details, such as the camera in Paul’s left hand, the subtle L8 on Ringo’s sole, the Indian mantra on George’s belt, and two acorns in John’s right hand.

In a short time the statue of the group became one of the most emblematic places for the city! People are photographed hugging or walking next to them… The four are once again walking the streets of Liverpool, caught right now, before leaving it and changing world music forever…