Хапване Амстердам / Eat Amsterdam

In the following lines I will try to help you choose places to eat in Amsterdam! We spent two and a half days in the city and combined the long walks around the canals with a variety of meals. Amsterdam is plenty of food! And because the Dutch aren’t known for being amazing cooks, global cuisine has taken over the city. That’s why we made a combination of traditional and interesting for us tastes.

💡 The headings with the names of the places are a link leading to the exact location.

Bulls and Dogs

When we arrived in Amsterdam we were starving… We wanted to have a quick bite to eat before checking into the hotel, so we headed to the De Pijp district. The restaurant is a bit cramped inside, but fortunately we were almost alone and managed to gather with the luggage… We couldn’t wait to try their specialty – the perfect hot dogs! German bread, full of various delicacies and home-made sausages from a local butcher. We were hungry, but it was really tasty! Especially sauces and sweet potatoes! The price of a hot dog was around 9 euro. We also added cappuccino, which was actually served to us in an interesting way…


It’s located near the center, with a pleasant atmosphere inside and several tables outside. We easily found a free place without a reservation. This restaurant is focused entirely on offering baked potatoes! Nothing else! We love restaurants that only do what they are strong at. So they almost always do it perfectly! It was no different here. The system is very simple, you choose the base – a whole or half a potato (in the photos we ordered half), add the stuffing (one we filled with chicken and the other with salmon) and garnish with additives. Delicacy! One portion costs about 13-17 euro.

Rene’s Croissanterie

Snacks, sandwiches, coffee and many sweet temptations lurk in the windows of this central bakery. Proximity to Dam Square makes it a favorite place for midnight snacks for entertaining young people around town. We had just had dinner and headed to her for dessert. The choice was difficult, but we stopped at waffles, garnished with plenty of strawberries and chocolate! Somehow we managed to fight the huge queue and then headed to the nearby square, where you can sit quietly.

Albert Cuyp Market

We definitely had no intention of eating here, we just wanted to visit the biggest street market in Amsterdam… But the temptation of aromas and tastes in the shop windows prevails… The sellers were extremely active in their desire to buy food from them and offered the opportunity to try everything before proceeding to the final choice. So we decided to take a sandwich with a variety of fresh delicacies (hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, etc.) and fried chicken with melted cheese on top. The two together cost us less than 10 euro. These were probably the most delicious things we tasted in the city!

Café the Schreiertower

Relaxing from long walks with a glass of beer around the canals is a great solution! This bar is located in an ancient tower that was once part of the city walls of Amsterdam. The atmosphere is very nice! There were almost no other visitors and we managed to sit at the best table, with a beautiful view of one of the central canals of the city… The bar also offers different options for eating.

Cafe Winkel 43

Apple pie is one of the traditional Dutch dishes, and the oldest recipe is found in a 16th century book. According to many, the best pie in town is offered at Winkel 43 Café. We decided that we should definitely try it! The tables are located in a quiet square, and the restaurant is in a traditional Amsterdam house.

The place is so popular that it’s likely to wait a while for a free table. We were lucky and settled in right away and we didn’t even wait for the menu because the order was clear – cappuccino and apple pie… with cream! The pie is a perfect balance between a crispy crust, a soft filling with apple pieces and fresh cream… The dessert is remarkable!

Stubbe’s Haring

The marinated herring is another local specialty that shouldn’t be missed! Most often, the fillets are served in a cardboard plate, sprinkled with onions and pickles or as a sandwich, placed in bread. In the past, there were specialized herring stands on almost every bridge in the city, but today there are less than 10 left. We had chosen Stubbe’s Haring – a famous stand near the central train station. We were the first customers at 10:00! In addition to the sandwich with herring, we also tried shrimp, and their prices were around 4-5 euro. Definitely their taste exceeded my expectations!

Café de Jaren

We had liked this cafe the day before, when walking by boat through the canals of Amsterdam and we passed literally inches from its tables… Inside it has an attractive and modern atmosphere, and high ceilings and huge windows complement the interior with light and space. It has its own pier and a terrace on the second floor, from where you can enjoy views of the city’s canals. Perfect location for a morning cappuccino by the Amstel River!

Van Stapele Koekmakerij

The best cookies in Amsterdam! And not only… The small bakery impresses with its classic and slightly antique look, but actually is opened in 2013! In a short time she managed to gain great fame and today in front of her door is a long queue of waiting customers, and an interestingly dressed lady watches over the admission regime.

Going inside you can watch the whole process of making them! The ladies precisely roll the cocoa dough, and then add a piece of white chocolate, which forms the soft center. The preparation work doesn’t stop for a second, constantly comes out tray after tray with finished products. One cookie costs 2 euro and a set of 6 costs 10 euro. They aren’t very cheap, but I guarantee you that every cent is worth it! I advise you to take them with the paper packaging and head to the nearby bridge (Heibrug) to enjoy their taste with a view of the canals of Amsterdam…

Cafe De Klos

A typical Amsterdam restaurant, which is extremely popular among meat lovers! For more than 40 years, it has served some of the best ribs in the city. Reservations cannot be made and it is often very difficult to find a vacancy. We were lucky enough to free a small part of the bar by the window right in front of us and we immediately settled in…

Tables are a rarity, and almost all over the restaurant there are bars and customers stay at them. The staff is very kind, but the serving and cleaning was a bit slow. The first thing I saw on the menu was Amstel for 3 euro! Great, but the initial joy evaporated the second they brought me a very small glass of beer…

Unlike beer, the portions are definitely not small and one was enough for two not very hungry people. We stopped at smoked ribs (24.90 euro), which were served with salad, two sauces and bread. I can’t say they are the best ribs I’ve eaten, but they were good! Very fragrant and well baked. The overall atmosphere of the place was very authentic and made us feel extremely comfortable. I didn’t feel like leaving after the third beer…

Henri Willig Cheese & More / Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

The Dutch have been known as great cheese makers for hundreds of years! The most popular species are Gouda and Edam, which are named after the cities where they were originally produced. In the central part you will see many shop windows full of huge yellow cheeses. But there are two stores that offer some of the best cheeses in the country – Henri Willig Cheese & More / Old Amsterdam Cheese Store.

Be sure to cross their threshold to try the many varieties, such as Gouda with truffles or goat cheese with lavender! They have several locations in the city and in addition to the small pieces in the shops, they also offer paid tasting sessions. Henri Willig е с по-дълга история и вкоренени семейни традиции, докато Old Amsterdam е по-туристически насочен бранд.

De Kaaskamer

Yep, another cheese shop… but not only! I separated it from the other two for a reason, because here you can find an abundance of all kinds of delicacies and pamper your senses! It contains products from the best Dutch farms. The prices are completely normal, and there are also tourist packages with cheese. Every week a different taste of freshly prepared baguette is offered, which is a perfect solution for a quick lunch. It cost 6 euro, and taking she, we immediately went to eat at the nearby canal…

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels

This sweet specialty is another typical Dutch culinary delight! Stroopwafel is a handmade caramelized waffle soaked in syrup. Surprising to many, but she also comes from the city of Gouda! They are most delicious when fresh! They are sold in many places in Amsterdam, but the best are on the market Albert Cuyp (which I have already mentioned) and in specialized shops.

They aren’t so many, and one of the most popular is van Wonderen Stroopwafels! They are available in three sizes and respectively the prices vary between 4 and 7 euro. Choose the size, then garnish half of the waffle with one of the various sweet additions…

Manneken Pis Damrak

You can’t miss them… You will pass once, twice… three times! And there will always be a huge crowd… Even if you haven’t planned them, you will find it interesting and take a funnel of the best potatoes in the Netherlands (a prize they have received many times at various festivals). Choose your size and sauces… from the 24 possible, coming out of the tap with the peeing man! Keep in mind that big portion with potatoes are really big… An average portion with two sauces costs around 7 euro. You can take advantage of their proximity to the beautiful buildings of the Damrak district and sit on a bench around the canal…


Here is one instagrammable place… Perhaps the most popular cafe in Amsterdam. In addition to great coffee, they also offer a variety of handmade desserts and mostly strawberries covered with Belgian chocolate. The decor inside is conducive to posing for photos, and a special wall shows the most popular personalities photographed there. I’m sure that by clicking on Amsterdam on Instagram, you will come across a photo with their cakes on a stick or recognizable coffee cups. I liked their cards the most… I was shooting one all over town!