Хапване Дъблин / Eat Dublin

Pub on almost every corner and a mug in absolutely every hand… this is Dublin! And the modern cafes and the abundance of varied and delicious food only add to his charisma. In three days we managed to visit several places to eat in Dublin, as we combined the traditional Irish spirit, fast food culture and my favorite pizza! And yet… pubs are my favorite! They are the social field of the city, predisposing to pleasant conversations and fun moments.

💡 The headings with the names of the places are a link leading to the exact location.


Here is the freshest Guinness beer in the world! No, this definition isn’t exaggerated at all, because this is the closest pub to the Guinness Brewery. The interior is of a typical Irish pub with over 200 years of history. In order not to disturb the peace and conversations of visitors, there are no TVs!

We were stayed on two crossroads from here and this was the first place we visited in Dublin. We were very hungry from the flight and took advantage of the kitchen. I tried the traditional Shepherd’s pie, made with minced lamb, vegetables and sealed with mashed potatoes. With a glass of Guinness in addition it was just superb! And for dessert we was no way not to try the cake with the sonorous name “Death by chocolate”…

In one of the following evenings we found ourselves here back for a glass of beer and pleasant conversations. The bar again was still full of people and at some point most of them headed upstairs… He is transformed in one of the best jazz and blues clubs in the city!


The best burgers in Dublin! Boldly, but true! Locals are obsessed with this Irish chain, which opened its doors in 2013. They have several locations in the city, and we visited this on Wexford Street. Nice interior, just like a burger restaurant. The menu represents… business card! It isn’t diluted in thousands of proposals, but several clear and simple options.

I decided to try the cheeseburger and sweet potatoes. Nothing special in appearance, but its taste is perfect! The best I’ve tried! So juicy that I had no intention of taking out my camera for photos… Their good result lies in three simple ingredients – special breads, first-class beef and aromatic cheese… They are doing well!

The Brazen Head

Visiting the oldest Irish pub is one of the must-do things in Dublin! Whether you come to eat or just have a glass of beer. There was a pub here since 1198, and the current building was built in 1754.

Explore the impressive courtyard and sit inside to feel the authentic atmosphere and the character of the place. If you happen to talkative Irish people, they will tell you stories about local writers, about the Civil War, and you can even hear Robin Hood swaying drunk after a few beers at the pub…

We came at noon… hungry and thirsty. I decided to diversify from the familiar choice on Guinness and try another local beer – Kilkenny. Apparently the waitress didn’t like it, because she served it to me with the “kind expression”: “One glass with Kilkenny for the gentleman and one glass with the best beer in the world for the others…”. No problem… no bad beer here! My choice to food again focused on something traditional – beef and Guinness stew. Uniquely delicious! The prices aren’t very cheap, the main dishes are between 15-17 euro, and the beer is around 7-8 euro. There is live music in the evening and it is often too crowded, so consider when you would most enjoy visiting it.

The Hairy Lemon

The hairy lemon is a strange name for a pub, isn’t it? It’s named after a famous Dublin resident from the 50’s who had a face resembling yellow fruit… It’s located in a house from the 19th century, and the interior is no less interesting than the name. In recent years, it has become one of Dublin’s most popular pubs. That’s why it wasn’t very easy for us to find a free place to drink a Guinness glass and enjoy its great atmosphere.

O’Neills Pub & Kitchen

Another traditional Irish pub that has been around for about 300 years! Inside, it impresses with its hanging things on the walls and its beautiful ornaments. There are various corners on the floors and you are free to find the right place for you. The pub is a preferred location for watching sports events, and then the mood is significantly elevated.

The pub was literally crowded, and we could barely find a chair and a small space to eat. Waiting for serving was crazy, so we headed straight to the bar to order a beer. They definitely have a huge variety of draft and craft beers!

In addition to the standard kitchen menu, which I don’t recommend, the restaurant has a buffet where everyone can assemble a dish! There are several huge bundles of meat prepared. You choose, they cut you and you add the other components to the dish of your choice. It was a bit difficult for us to find out the specific prices of things, but a portion of beef with garnishes and sauce (mandatory) cost around 13 euro.

Sano Pizza

As a lover and maybe a pizza addict, we was no way not to visit one of the pizzerias in Dublin! We left it for the final, on the day of the flight. The choice was limited to a restaurant near Dame str. – Sano Pizza. The place was nice, with perfect service and very good prices. The capricciosa didn’t disappoint and left us with a very pleasant taste before we took the return flight…