Хапване в Прага / Eat in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is a city where the restaurants are literally one beside the other. It’s hard to decide where to dine, drink coffee or eat something sweet… I will try to make your choice easier by showing you a few places to eat in Prague!

💡 The headings with the names of the places are a link leading to the exact location.


The best place to have dinner, it is located in the heart of the old town. It is not suitable for the summer days because it is underground but for any other period of the year it is just perfect. Especially if it is a cold night… even with the opening of the doors you will feel the warm wave and the unique aromas of delicious dishes… Unfortunately, it is often full… Obligatory make a reservation!Atmosphere – just what I imagined to have the old Prague pubs! It creates an unique coziness and warmth. An impression makes the wooden interior and interesting candlesticks with running wax.

The service is perfect and the prices are maybe some of the best in the city. The traditional for these places (and so loved by me) knuckle or to the Czech “Koleno” costs 285 czech crowns (about 10 euro). It is also worth trying the pork ribs… just melting in the mouth. Both are accompanied by a delicious sauce and a traditional garnish. Very delicious was also the mushroom soup, which cost 55 Czech crowns (about 2 euro)… We were 6 people and for about 80 – 90 euro we ate enough. And with a very delicious meal… Oh… yes… the beer… A little variety of beers, but it’s so in almost all of Prague… I recommend you to try the dark beer.

Bredovský dvůr

After it turned out that there were no available tables for the next evening in Krčma, so we dine at Bredovský dvůr. Again the reservation is a good decision because the restaurant was full! We had to wait for our table, even with a reservation… The food was nothing special, but the atmosphere in the restaurant is quite pleasant. Prices are also medium, not too high but not very low… The service was slow, which predisposed to drink a lot of beer… Once again the dark beer prevailed! It is not a bad choice if you are staying in the area around Václavské náměstí.

Cathedral Café

The perfect place for breakfast, lunch or just coffee! Great interior and very pleasant atmosphere. Located in the streets behind Church of Our Lady before Týn. It has both a covered part and a very beautiful garden. The service is perfect! Somehow it  remains hidden from the crowds of tourists and is very quiet. Coffee is very good! The price of the cappuccino is 79 Czech crowns (about 3 euro). If you’ve decided to eat, then I recommend you a burger! Extremely tasty…

Café Kafíčko

Here is the time for a representative of the Malá Strana. This small and cozy café is located on Maltézské náměstí 15. It offers great coffee at very reasonable prices. The espresso is 44 Czech crowns (about 1.5 euro) and the cappuccino 54 Czech crowns (about 2 euro). The staff is very kind and polite. There is a wide variety of drinks and various homemade desserts. The restaurant is a good decision for relaxation after a tour of this part of town.

Choco Story

The chocolate Museum! We found it accidentally while walking around the city… It was our third day and we had time for coffee and something sweet. Well, we did not go wrong… The sweets are so delicious! As you enter, you are lost in a chocolate world. We didn’t visit the museum itself… We thought the degustation was the most appropriate solution. Take a stroll along the shelves and explore the many chocolates. Dive into the chocolate sea that gives you this place.

Trdlo and Good Food Chimney Cake

You have to try the spit cake-Trdelník! They are popular and traditional for this part of Europe and it is not clear whether they come from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria or Hungary. The fact is that in Prague they are everywhere! And each one more delicious than the other. We tried Trdlo and Good Food Chimney Cake. There is a huge variety of tastes, my favorite is Nutela, cream and strawberry! Every evening we tried different, even with black ice cream. It is worth trying!