Тайни на София / Secrets of Sofia

Some time ago I told you about some secret places in Sofia, who stay away from our daily lives. They are there, but we miss them… We do not pay much attention to them. Now it’s time for Part 2 of the Little Secrets of Sofia. Before you move on, you can first recall the previous post HERE. So let’s see the second part of the interesting secrets of our capital:

💡 The headings with the names of the places are a link leading to the exact location.

The house with ivy

Among the blocks and boring residential buildings, there is a cottage that just stands out. Everybody walking around the area has seen her. It looks like a house that has come out of fairy tales! It is located at Tsanko Tserkovski 43. The tall pines in the yard, towering as guardians in front of her, slightly hide the view to the house, but it is there. Right behind them. So mysterious and charming. The “No Parking” sign shows that the owners did not leave it. There is a network of green ivy across the walls, which gives a fairy vision. The well-groomed green lawn, a white bench in front of the porch, many ornaments of wrought iron turn the house into a small oasis among gray uniforms.

The Bulgarian girl and the bread

Walking around the National Palace of Culture I recommend you to take a short walk and walk past the corner of Sandor Petofi Street and Tsar Asen I. There is the “Sun Moon” bakery, whose owners order the painting. The street art is the work of the world famous Bulgarian master of graffiti – Nasimo. The work is bound to the bakery by the bread that holds the girl in his hands. The name of the painting is “Gift from God” and it’s worth seeing her…

A fragment from the Berlin Wall

And we are again around the National Palace of Culture… this time on the other side, to Fridtjof Nansen Street. Actually… right across it was my first job in Sofia and I passed hundreds of times past the monument, and I have not even paid attention to him… I found out about him a few years later, when I met an Australian and he shared it how enthusiastic and surprised he saw a piece of the Berlin Wall in Sofia. I was flashing on rags and wondered what to say… Then I discovered it, a piece of the symbol of a divided Europe!

Malko Tarnovo Street

Do you present a street in the center of Sofia, without traffic, no rumors, no hurried passers-by…? No chance, absurd! But there it is… The small street Malko Tarnovo, only about 60 m long, is not exactly a street in the direct sense of the word… Few stairs, an iron railing and… that’s it. It serves as a secret road between the City Garden and the northern part of the center. But… this little street has many secrets… Once upon a time in the Renaissance Sofia rose a wonderful clocktower, on the corner with Moskovska Street, similar to those preserved in Tryavna and Vratsa, but more beautiful!

On this small street was the favorite bar of Tsar Boris III – Bar Moon. His Majesty liked to stop at night in the neighboring bar of the palace, located on the small street. Just opposite the entrance of the bar is an iron door, hiding a dark secret… It is an entrance to the dungeons of Moskovska 5 or a place, where power during the communist years has cruelly treated the disobedient youths… And if we go back even further, archaeologists find here precisely information about a prehistoric settlement… at the age of about 4 500 years…

The Building with the cakes

We find ourselves around the Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church, or rather – Gen. Parensov 21 Str. Here our eyes are nailed by the two pieces of cake… It was chocolate first, and then it came out… strawberry (I guess). So creative that every time I look at my picture comes to bite it…

Style by l’Amore

The final is for one of the most beautiful and colorful flower boutiques in Sofia – Style by l’Amore! It is located on the corner of San Stefano Str. and Shipka Str., to the Doctor’s Garden… So colorful at any time of the year! It always attracts attention and makes many visitors to the city to take pictures of it…