Варненски изгрев / The sunrise above VarnaThe feeling of observing the birth of the new day on the shore, watching how the sun appears as if from the water, feeling the sand between your toes… It is great… especially in Varna! Yes… my beloved Varna! I have always connected the city with the love of life and the happy easiness… Varna has a very special place in my heart… a place that will never be taken by anyone else. There is an indescribable magic in the popcorn scent that rises in the center, the night walks in the sea garden, the music of the beach alley, the thousands smiles of the people on the street, the morning breeze, the beautiful sunrise… The magic that makes you fall in love with this city! It makes you smile for no reason, to be alert and vital even after the hardest day, to breathe with pleasure every moment! That’s the reason why this  picture is so special for me… it preserves a memory of past stage of my life. It preserves a memory of a city that brings happiness, endless happiness! And I will allow myself to quote a favorite author – Ivo Ivanov. He tells about his memories of Varna… in his unique way: “But let’s start with Varna. The one from my childhood. With the sea garden, the shady streets and the smiling people. Lovely and mysterious, it charmed me at our first meeting with promises of eternal summer and carefree days. Throw a fishing net on my child’s heart and capture me forever just as it can. How will I forget this siren with hair from fresh seaweed and a laugh of sea foam? Who knows – it may have changed over the years, but in my memories Varna will always be the same lovely beauty, smelling of an eau de Cologne of pure sea salt dissolved in the breeze. Nobody can just like it to shelter the loving couples along their paths, to ruffle their hair with their playful winds and to make them forget everything else under the serenade of seagulls. Such is Varna in the naive memories of the kid. I always believed that it loved me at least as much as I did, because in my heart Varna is the only one of its kind – just perfect!”.