Lago di Annone

The purpose of the trip was Lago di Como. We had to stay for the night in the close and we found a bright colorful cottage near Lago di Annone, so that’s how we found it… The lake is less than Como. It’s divided into two reservoirs, connected by a narrow canal. We were on the wider one, where the views were wonderful. The house, where we were staying was B & B Da Jacques. The owner was very kind and hospitable! There was a big yard with flowers. And the most important… parking space. You can reach it by a narrow tunnel over which the train track passes. Charming picture… The house was spacious, very cosy and with fantastic panorama from the terrace.

The beautiful sunset over Lago di Annone …

The sunset was coming on and I decided to take the opportunity. Right across the tunnel, crossing the main street Via Dante Alighieri, I found myself on a quay on the shore of the lake. So I mingled with the local fishermen. They were waiting patiently their draught, so I positioned the camera easel and started waiting patiently. The sun was benevolent and the photos came off well. The patience was worth it.

Where to diner?

The time for dinner had come… In the close there was a sports center with a restaurant, but it was more expensive… That’s why we headed straight up Via Dante Alighieri to Oggiono. The road is pictorial and is conducive to pleasant walk… The Villas and cottages were so beautiful. After 20 minutes we reached our goal – Le Vetturina. There was pleasant atmosphere and delicious food. The decoration is with antique wine – appliances and a lot of other interesting things. The interior in itself resembles an old winery and attracts the visitors. Pizzas and desserts were delicious, but not the best in Italy.

The moonlight complimented the romantic picture of the lake. Lago di Annone turned out to be a great and quiet place. Maybe intentionally I didn’t mention one negative point …a lot of angry mosquitos! So my advice is not to forget to take repellent.