Who am I ?

That’s the place where I have to write something about myself… I guess? It’s always difficult for me to answer the question: “Who I am?”… So I will describe myself in short… dreamer, discovering the happiness in travelling and delicious food… with a camera in his hand. My dreams are simple, but they are a lot…So I manage to make them come true. I try to show some of them through the lens.

I hope that you will find here inspiration, to find new places together and to see the ones that you already know in a different way… To travel, to have fun and to enjoy life!

Work with us?

Each destination looks more attractive with a little advertising! Many municipalities and regions have turned to the possibilities of promotion by working with travel bloggers and feel the success in this direction. We are available to see the most interesting places in a destination and present them in an interesting way!

This type of trip is a perfect way to experience what the client wants and to recreate it from start to finish! In this way we can provide to the readers with the complete information that you intend to convey to them. This type of collaboration is suitable for combination from several brands or work with travel companies.

Sponsored publications create awareness of the proposed brand or product related to the activities of the blog. You get better search and targeting. The exciting presentation inspires readers to try it or experience it. Gifts are a means of trying out a new product and integrating it into a trip or other activity in our business. Both options are very efficient and cost effective!

Visiting a place and sharing photos and reviews about it are something very important in the field of travel. Many readers are excited about places to eat, sleep, have fun and more. Such reviews would be very useful for business.

Product photography is something we love so much! The used camera is Nikon D3200. Show the detail first is very important for some brands.

Well-photographed posts on Instagram and Facebook have always been a good option for advertising products that perform well visually. On Facebook we have a predominantly Bulgarian audience of just over 2,500 followers. Instagram has an audience of about 1,500 people, with English speakers predominating.

Organizing a trip has always been one of the most important things, but it often takes a long time and sometimes an important place is missed. We can help with the preparation of daily programs, described into hours and with set places for eating and other interesting things that shouldn’t be missed. The programs can be strictly individual, depending on the interests of the client.

Placing an advertising banner is possible in certain places on the site. They give visibility to the advertised brand and would be very effective because the clean design of the site makes them stand out!

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