Алековите водопади / Aleko Waterfalls

Almost come the time for the new waterfall season! I begin to prepare you with fresh ideas for beautiful places for rest and I will start with some of the nearest and accessible waterfalls near to Sofia – Aleko Waterfalls. This beautiful water cascade Is located in Vitosha Mountain and is situated on the Skakavitsa River. Do not expect anything immense… they are not big, but they are a few falls and they are extremely beautiful when they are high-water.

How to get to the Aleko Waterfalls

Our walk starts from the parking lot above Dragalevtsi Monastery. This is our starting point and the path to the Aleko Waterfalls starts here. Actually, waterfalls are also known as “Skokove” or “Skakavitsa”, but in 1910 they are officially christened after Aleko Konstantinov. From the parking lot we take the path to Simeonovo lakes. It connects the Dragalevtsi and Simeonovo quarters and is a great solution for the spring weekends. The entire route to the lakes is about 1 hour… depending on the tempo and number of photos or selfies along the road… Have in mind that the path is often muddy and is good to be prepared with comfortable and stable shoes. On the way to the waterfalls passes along lift “Dragalevtsi ”, which gives opportunity for panoramic pictures to Sofia.

Passing along small rills, you can reach the most beautiful panoramic view over the city. There is a big rock where you can take pictures at ease. The view is great and it is worth it to enjoy it for a few minutes.

The waterfalls themselves

Immediately after it are the Aleko Waterfalls. Today they are a protected natural landmark in a Vitosha Nature Park. It is best to visit them in the spring, then they are the most deep and the vegetation is favorable to the possibility of taking pictures. Passing through them also requires good shoes because the stones are wet and you have to be careful and the path passes through the water. You have the chance to touch the falls themselves! They are not very tall, but they are very beautiful.

You can continue with the walk to the Simeonovo lakes, eat there and recharge for the road back. There is nothing impressive, but there is built places for rest. The whole walk will not take you more than 3 hours and will charge you with very positive emotions and fresh mountain air.