Тренто / Trento

Traveling northeastern Italy, you can’t miss to stop at Trento… An Italian city that is pleasant to visit every season! Trento is situated at the foot of the beautiful and world-famous Alps. Here the winter is full of tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy the wonderful conditions for practicing winter sports. And the summer? The summer Alps are no less attractive with their mountain trails and breathtaking views… But… not only… Less than 50 km is one of the most beautiful Italian lakes – Lake Garda. In the summer it becomes a top tourist destination in the region.

On the road

And how I ended up in Trento? Summer was at its height and middle of my tour of northern Italy. The first target had just been fulfilled – Lake Como. The second objective was Lake Garda. Both of them share a great and picturesque mountain pass through the Passo del Tonale, who took me to Trento… And if one day you decide to go around these lakes, I recommend you go through the mountain and stay there… Oh … yes … and you must eat at Pizzeria Dossi in Fraviano… Everything is made with products of their own production, and the pizzas were one of the most delicious I have ever eaten in Italy. Unfortunately, I was so hungry and tired of the transition that there are no pictures from there…

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More about Trento

The city is among the relatively large in Italy with its population of about 115,000 people. Located in Trentino-Alto Adige. It is known for its preserved old look and beautiful architecture. Also with food… And in Bulgaria also with Volleyball. Trento’s volleyball team is Italy’s four-time champion, with all four titles under the guidance of Bulgarian coach Radostin Stoychev. In the team has played some of the best Bulgarian volleyball players in the last 20 years. So deep is the Bulgarian connection with this city that I burned with the desire to walk through its streets… We used the paid parking, which is located near to the railway tracks and the river – HERE. The city is easy and relatively quick to get around on foot, but depending on what you want to see, it can take a different amount of time.

The central square – Piazza del Duomo di Trento

I did not have much time and I had spent no more than an hour, an hour and a half… The most impressive and beautiful place in the city is the square in front of the Duomo (Duomo di San Vigilio)! It is truly one of the most beautiful Italian squares… The great architecture around it makes it a fabulous place, favorite of locals and tourists. Indeed… not only here, but also generally in this part of the country, architecture is not typically Italian… The Italian Renaissance intertwines with the German Gothic and Tyrolean elements. Maybe that’s where the charm of the square lies. And in the middle of it is impressed by the Fountain of Neptune. It was built in 1769 and has long provided drinking water for the city. An interesting fact is that on the day of its opening, local magistrates have issued a ban – the inhabitants of the city forbade them to wash and launder in it, so as not to pollute his water. The Duomo and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore are the two main temples in Trento. Another landmark is Buonconsiglio Castle (Museo Castello del Buonconsiglio), which has been converted into a museum, but is located a little further from the center.

Around the fortress walls

Close to the Duomo there is another interesting square – Piazza di Fiera. Next to it you can see a preserved part of the ancient city walls. Because the city is quite alive and young, it often hosts various events and festivals that are positioned precisely in this square. Here is also the traditional Christmas bazaar. While walking through the streets of Trento, you will be impressed by the clean mountain air, which is extremely refreshing. And its name comes from the Latin “Trident”, which translates into “three hills”. The name was given by the Romans who dwelt here at the end of the 1st century. They are located at the foot of three hills that surround them. Over the years, it has been an appetizing bite for many nations, and if you visit it, you will find that there is a reason why…

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