Жировница / Zirovnica

Spring in Slovenia is… a true fairy tale! The beauty of this country amazes me every time. The purpose of this trip was Lake Bled and the area around it. And it is beautiful and contains many interesting places. We needed a base point and that’s how we ended up in Zirovnica.

Why did we choose Zhirovnica

Our plan included 3 days around Bled and we wanted to stay in a more crowded place, but at the same time close to all desired destinations. Prices for accommodation in Slovenia are high. Because the definition of “high” is very relative to everyone, i give as a base the prices in Italy. In Slovenia, they are slightly higher… Especially in Bled. And that was also a factor in finding an overnight location… Combining price, quality and location… the search engine took me to Zirovnica – the perfect place for our purpose and very decent prices!

Where to stay

We chose a lovely apartment for Marjeta’s house – Apartment Marjetka. The yard has a children’s playground, barbecue and seating area. The hosts were more than welcoming and staying there was a real delight. And the apartment is fully self-contained. Small terrace next to the front door and mountain views! Everything was new and very well maintained, and the ceiling window… The first thing to see in the morning… the opposite peaks…

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Where is Zirovnica located

The municipality and the village are only 8-9 km away from Bled! It takes about 10 minutes. Ljubljana is 55 km away, while Kranjska Gora, one of the most popular winter resorts in Slovenia, is 30 km away. The Austrian border is very close, and The Karavanks Mountain and the nearby Veliki Stol Peak cast a cool shadow over the streets of Zirovnica. The perfect choice for an overnight stay, whether you’re on a winter break or here for hiking in the many natural attractions…

More about the place

Surprisingly, Zirovnica turned out to be a natural paradise! The only unknown place in our plan has become the most captivating place… Silence, tranquility and fresh air are just some of the things you’ll find here. Walking in the morning is an amazing experience. The aroma of wet frost grass interweaves with the smell of freshly baked bread from the small bakery in the center. Tidy courtyards of houses, lined shrubs… it’s all like a movie decors. Clean and tidy… And the view from the back streets and the train station to the mountain… Wow! A true natural idyll! You will quickly walk around it and reach the nearby Moste.

It turned out that the area is known as the cradle of Slovenian culture and from here are some of the most famous writers of the country. The area is also popular with its beekeeping traditions, with World Bee Day celebrated on May 20th! The nearby Stol Peak, the abundance of meadows and woodland have a variety of eco trails. We didn’t have time to pay enough attention to them and we would definitely be back again! You can find more information about the area on the site of the municipality – HERE or the well maintained site of  Visit Zirovnica – HERE.

Let’s eat at Zirovnica

One of the 3 evenings we decided to eat in Zirovnica. The choice isn’t great and we took the opportunity to sample local pizzas at Picerija pri Daretu (the establishment is currently closed and merged with the nearby Gostišče Osvald, where they continued to make pizza). Hmm… honestly tell you… we wouldn’t be sorry if we missed 😀 The best of the pizzas was the Slovenian draft beer – Lasko 😀

For a final

Zirovnica is a true paradise for the senses… The opportunity to experience the nature of Slovenia and its tranquility. And in this part of the country there is a lot to watch and go around… Lakes, waterfalls, mountain peaks, nature parks… you will certainly not be bored!

P.S. The weather there is very unpredictable… The mountain surprises us on our third morning… you can see from the difference in the photos!

Жировница / ZirovnicaЖировница / Zirovnica