Защо не искам да пътувам по Коледа Why I don’t want to travel on Christmas

I was wondering what kind of Christmas’s post to write…  At first, I was thinking to transfer you to some warm and pleasant place, but gradually I I changed my mind… Christmas is the only time of the year, when I don’t like to travel. Yes, I miss the Christmas mood in cities like Vienna, for example, but I don’t feel comfortable, and now I’ll tell you why…

Why I don’t want to travel on Christmas ?

This is the season when everyone travels somewhere… I don’t like the chaos of traffic and crowds of people and with pleasure I avoid them. I imagine how I’m going on a trip and getting into terrible traffic, congestion, and another similar  situations that are scorching my good mood… And how much more pleasant is instead to wade in the wet snow, to walk through the muddy streets, to freeze… just to sit in front of the tree with a cup of hot chocolate in a warm place… and to watch good movies? It is unique… Christmas is the time of the year when you can stay home,  eat delicious food and do nothing! Well, I have to write that post, but that’s not the most unpleasant  job… And the tangerines? Add them to the hot chocolate, Christmas without tangerines is not Christmas! And if we will not stay at home, why we have hanged garlands everywhere,  why we have sprayed the windows and decorated the tree? Who will enjoy them?

But the most important reason not to travel on Christmas is the family… This is the time of the year, when we can spend more time surrounded by our closest people. Let’s get together,  to fire the family fire, to cook delicious food , to have heated dialogues, to have fun… together, everyone! Christmas holidays are the time when we feel the home coziness, we sense the real meaning of the word “home”. Nobody deserves to be alone on the holidays … I do not want to travel, I do not want to be in a foreign place, surrounded by strangers… On Christmas I want to be at home… the place, which I call home! It is not where I live, but is where the family is waiting for you… where you know you are truly loved , where happiness and love are everywhere around you!