Стобските пирамиди / The Stob Pyramids

The Stob Pyramids are one of the most recognizable and visited tourist sites in Bulgaria. The natural phenomenon is located in the western part of the Rila Mountain. The access to the place is extremely easy and it makes it a magnet for all tourists in the area.

How to get to the Stob Pyramids?

Pyramids are located in the village of Stob, about 100 km. from Sofia. If you head to Kulata, you have to get off the highway to Kocherinovo village. Your starting point is the road to Rila Monastery. You can‘t miss the Stob sign! You turn to the village, which is about 2 km inside the main road. In the village follow the signs for the pyramids… They will pass you through the square to the other end. At the start of the path there is a large parking lot to leave the car. The entrance fee is symbolic – 2 BGN standard ticket and 1 BGN for students and pensioners.

On the way up

The path is not difficult, it is even pleasant to walk. Keep in mind that for the most part it is discovered and in the heat of the summer the temperatures are serious… It’s nice not to go without water. The duration is about 30 minutes in direction… There is no option to lose yourself, the mark is fully recognizable. There are many places for relaxation in many places. Don’t miss to throw at a glance at the revealing views… And to enjoy the pyramids safely there are built guard rails. You don’t need special equipment except a camera, water (as we have already said) and a lot of mood!

What are they and how have they been formed?

You will enjoy various pyramids in shape and size! Some are sharp and needle-shaped, others conical, third with a nice pyramid shape…  The most interesting end with a stone hat on top, like mushrooms. The average height of these unique natural formations is between 7 and 10 meters, but there are also those that reach up to 12 meters… Their foundations are wider and often merge with each other. So they are densely situated on the slopes, as if you are in a stone forest! And the nuances of their colors range from yellowish to dark brown… It’s beautiful…

The present appearance of Stob Pyramids is due to centuries of erosion and weathering. The soil in the area is extremely susceptible to climatic conditions, which leads to a frequent change of shape and size of the pyramids. That is why it may happen that in our next visit to this phenomenon some of the pyramids will have different shapes…

Legends about the Stob Pyramids

Some of the pyramids also bear different names. Some of the more famous are The Towers, The Hammers, The Wild Woman’s Chimneys, The Snaggle-tooths, the Brothers, The Bride and others…  Like many of the historic landmarks in Bulgaria and this place is linked to several legends about their origin and names. Stories interweave a maternal oath, an intoxicating beauty and an impossible and tragic love… You can easily find them on the internet… Or stop in the center of the village and ask some of the local… Believe me… with great pleasure they will tell you…