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The gorge of the Erma River


The beauty of the Kraishte area is undeniable! And around the town of Tran lies another landmark - the gorge of the Erma River. [...]

The gorge of the Erma River2020-10-25T13:17:30+00:00

Two days on Thassos island


For the Greek islands whatever is said… will be little! Their fame spreads to tourists all over the world! But when it comes to [...]

Two days on Thassos island2020-10-13T13:29:06+00:00

Let’s plan – Cinque Terre


A good plan is key to any visit, no matter where! It saves time, a lot of nerves and negative emotions. In the following [...]

Let’s plan – Cinque Terre2020-09-27T08:56:27+00:00

Devin Castle near Bratislava


One of the symbols of former Great Moravia is the Devin Castle! Its remains attract many tourists who come to Slovakia to visit the [...]

Devin Castle near Bratislava2020-08-25T14:02:50+00:00

The colors of Liguria – Monterosso


If you think that the Cinque Terre area is just rocky shores and stones, you are wrong! We reached the last of the five [...]

The colors of Liguria – Monterosso2020-08-13T20:27:26+00:00

The colors of Liguria – Vernazza


If you happen to arrive by boat in Cinque Terre, it is best to dock in Vernazza! This is the village with the largest [...]

The colors of Liguria – Vernazza2020-08-13T20:25:44+00:00

The colors of Liguria – Corniglia


There is one of the five villages in Cinque Terre that hasn't port and looks more like an inland village than it looks like [...]

The colors of Liguria – Corniglia2020-07-19T16:17:43+00:00

The colors of Liguria – Manarola


Many people have never heard of Cinque Terre, until somewhere on the Internet they come across a picture of colorful houses perched on sheer [...]

The colors of Liguria – Manarola2020-07-28T14:31:44+00:00

The colors of Liguria – Riomaggiore


In Liguria is one of the most colorful and photographed places in all of Italy - Cinque Terre! The area captivates tourists with its [...]

The colors of Liguria – Riomaggiore2020-10-12T13:20:18+00:00
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