Плитвички езера / Plitvice lakes

Bushy green forest, lakes, multiple water cascades and various animal species… Close your eyes and try to imagine how you breathe a breath of fresh air, you feel a slight drops of cold water on your face and walk on bridges over the water, which in contact with the shore are turning into paths dancing past the trees! Did you succeed? Well, welcome to Plitvice Lakes National Park!

A little bit more information about Plitvice Lakes Park

This paradise is 300 km south of the Croatian capital Zagreb. The park itself as a national landmark was founded in 1949 and is one of the things with which the Croats are most proud of. In 1979 he joined the large UNESCO World Heritage family. Just for comparison, in 1979 the annual number of visitors was around 500 000 people and in 2017 it is about 1.7 million! The difference is huge…

The park spans an area of ​​300 sq. km! As you can see from his name, on its territory there are several lakes. Sixteen… to be more accurate. Each of them reveals many scenic landscapes. Everything would be perfectly normal, if these lakes were not at different altitudes! And to make it even more impressive, they are connected to each othe! The difference between the lowest lake and the highest is 135 m. Lakes are connected through multiple waterfalls, which form magical water cascades. This is the most magnificent of the national park! The lakes flow into the Korana river, which is one of Croatia’s cleanest waterways. Besides lakes, the park boasts rich vegetation and numerous animal species, who find a home on its territory.

The Plitvice lakes are open to visit every day of the year. Entrance fees vary depending on the visit season: winter – 55 HRK, spring and autumn – 150 HRK, summer – 250 HRK. There are additional discounts for groups, students, children and two-day tickets. Few hours to visit the park are few… One day too… It is worth spending at least 2 days to fully enjoy this lovely place!

On the lakes’ site you can find various route suggestions around them. For the convenience of tourists, there are also ships, which are included in the price of the entrance ticket, and the paths are more than a good marked. You just have to have comfortable shoes, charged camera and embark on an unforgettable stroll! You will climb high, you will race between trees and shrubs, you will be at hand from waterfalls, you will sit on wooden bridges with feet in crystal clear pond water… All this awaits you in the incredibly beautiful Plitvice lakes!