Sunset Thessaloniki / Залез Солун

Everyone has heard that sunsets in Greece are somehow… more special… It was time for me to understand! For the first time happened to me in Thessaloniki… The sunset was wonderful and predisposed for very good photos. I didn’t estimate well the time and its beginning find me in Aristotle Square, about 2 km from where I was supposed to be. I headed for the White tower and another 100 meters after it, is located perhaps the most beautiful place to photograph in Thessaloniki… Actually, if you have gone to the greek city, there is no way to not know it… Or if you have planned a walk there… The place is one of the most popular for the tourists in the city – the fabulous umbrellas. I had to sprint out a crowd of people watching the city marathon… How can I explain them that I hurry to shoot the sunset…? A little more hustle, treading and elbows (handed out and received) and I managed to get to the thessalonian umbrellas for the culmination of colors… Sunset in Thessaloniki !

A little bit Information for The Umbrellas…

The umbrella sculpture was completed in 1997, and its creator was George Zongolopoulos. Actually… It has a brother… or a sister… nowadays the sexes are hard to solve… So, Zongolopoulos has another similar in Brussels that appears a few years earlier, but Thessalonian is the more famous and in my opinion… the more impressive of the two… The location of the platform by the coast give to it an indescribable grandeur… At its opening, the Greek sculptor declared that its work has received its share of life, that it is alive! And really it is alive! The umbrellas become alive every day… It was because of the smiling people who are doing selfies with them, or because of the couples who lock the padlock in the hope of their love to meet the sun’s rays every day, as umbrellas do… If you look at them more carefully, you will notice that they are curved in different shapes and slightly sloping… as if they are dancing! And because of their meshy construction, they allow light to force way among them and when this combined with the melody of the sea… magical! In the evenings they are light up by many lamps and are no less attractive. You can sit for hours and watch their dance on the music of the waves… And they are very photogenic as long as you approach with the right attention!

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