библиотека Виена / library Vienna

I had three days in Vienna and time to visit everything, that I had mapped out. In the plan I included all known places and I decided to insert also the Austrian National Library. I did not suppose, it would be the most memorable and impressive sight of my stay in the capital of Austria.

The book temple of Vienna…

The history began in the 14th century, during the years every ruler of these lands has contributed to its enrichment and expansion. Today’s library building was built in the middle of the 18th century and is located in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. Ever since the first step you have the feeling that you are walking in a temple…The baroque style, the high ceiling and the death silence reinforce the impression. When you come to such a place you will understand how important  the struggle for keeping the literature has been during the years and why the books will never lose their value. The books looked like many-coloured beads and the access to them was partitioned off with cord. Its rich history and indescribable beauty turn it into one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. If I have to describe it in one word, then I would definitely call it majestic!