Над Сплит / Above Split

I visited Split during the spring of 2016. It was sunny, heat and I could see the city in its brilliance. Split is unusually charming town, but I will tell you about it another time, I promise! I made so many photos… The sun, the sky, everything looked perfect for great pictures. And that is one of them… Great view over the bay of Split.

The symbolism of the photo above Split …

Until recently  it was just one great photo, until I read Georgi Bardarov’s book – “I am Still Counting the Days”. In one of the paragraphs this photo just revived in front of my eyes. As if the author had seen it and wrote about it. I was speechless, actually no… I had words… his words to describe it: “They were eating standing fried fish with lemon and onion from one of the many street stall round the port, they were buying cheap italian wine and drinking it, standing on the warm stones of the old castle wall with the view of the amazing bay of Split. They were having no money – they were having dreams. Then  they were not even suspecting, that this would be their greatest time…”