езеро Креда / Lake Kreda

We continue with the walk around Bled, and I will take you to a little known and not so touristy place… I’m sure that the blue-green waters of the small Slovenian lake Kreda and the amazing nature surrounding it will captivate you!

Where is located and how to get there

Lake Kreda is part of the Julian Alps, located in the Radovna Valley. It is located right in the middle of the road between Bled and Pericnik waterfall. It’s only 14 km from the big city in the area, which can be reached by road 907. It is very close to the Vintgar gorge. Parking on a small site next to the main road, and entry inside with the car is prohibited!

The artificial lake Kreda

The lake got its name because of the extraction of the chalk (on slovenian “Kreda”), which took place here until 1985. Since then it has been stopped due to unprofitability and considerations of nature… However, the place is located in Triglav National Park. The carved pool remains and gradually begins to fill with water so that the small and charming Lake Kreda can form.

Part of the lake is privately owned and as far as I understand, the owner isn’t so friendly to visitors. It’s desirable to visit mainly its southern area. It’s ideal for camping, picnics or outdoor recreation. The place is often used for this purpose by many cyclists and tourists who take advantage of the hiking options in the Radovna Valley. It should be borne in mind that its waters are not intended for bathing, and the bottom is very uneven and in places becomes very deep!

The surrounding nature is amazing! The high peaks of the Julian Alps keep the area around the lake cool on hot days, and the beautiful green meadows and neatly arranged wooden fences are like a perfectly painted landscape… You can’t hear anything except the sounds of nature… The easy access to the place makes it a great location for recreation and walking in the Radovna valley!