Костенски водопад / Kostenski waterfall

Spring is approaching and looking for an option for a pleasant day trip around Sofia, Kostenets will come to the fore. It’s there that the famous Kostenski waterfall is located, which is extremely easy to access. The surrounding environment provides excellent conditions for family recreation, and the area also has more difficult routes and waterfalls. There is something for everyone!

Where is located and how to get there

Kostenski Waterfall is located in the Rila Mountains, on the river Chavcha. The distance to the village of Kostenets is only 3 km, and the capital Sofia is around 78 km and this makes it a favorite destination for Sofia residents. Take the highway to Bourgas and have to go down from it to the town of Kostenets. Between the village and the town are about 7 km. You pass the last village houses and you will reach a large detached square where you can leave your car.

To the Waterfall

Ivan Vazov, the patriarch of Bulgarian literature, mentions the waterfall in several of his works, and a quote from one of them greets visitors at the entrance to the trail. You can’t help but shudder at the poet’s words… The area around the waterfall is ennobled and looks more like a walk in the park. Well-defined alleys and pleasant bridges over the water are perfect for a light family outing. If you don’t like it and you need a walk in the woods and you have more time, you can take the eco trail to Skalovitski waterfall.

The magnificent Kostenski waterfall

A lazy climb up the few steps takes us to the alley by the waterfall. I advise you to visit it in the spring to see it in all its glory! It’s located in a corner between two rocks, and the height of its fall is around 10 m. You can go down on the rocks around the waterfall and get as close as possible to it or sit on the side and enjoy the rumble of the falling water.

Where to eat

There are several places to eat in the area, including good picnic facilities. We had chosen the restaurant in the complex „The Lake“. It’s around 400 meters from the entrance of the waterfall and you can easily walk to it.

Their specialty is the fresh Balkan trout, which they offer prepared in several different variants. We stopped at “trout in Italian”, and our fillets were served with fragrant tomato sauce with garlic, basil, olives and pine nuts. Perfect idea for a side dish to the fish, which I later tried many times at home! We also tried two of the desserts – carrot and biscuit cake. Everything was very tasty and at decent prices!

The walk continues around the lake

The area around the complex is the other reason that made us choose it for lunch. It’s a perfect addition to a visit to the waterfall! There is a small pond around which you can walk. Our visit wasn’t very full, but there was still some water and a few ducks swimming peacefully in it. It also has a small zoo where you can get close to some of the animals. Or sit on one of the gazebos and just enjoy the silence and beautiful nature.

Chapel of the Assumption

On the way back you can stop at the chapel “Assumption”, which is located in a picturesque place in the area “Upper Church”. The hill reveals beautiful panoramas to the nearby peaks and the village of Kostenets at the foot. Excavations show that there was once a fortress and basilica on this site, where the local population put up a huge resistance and inflicted many defeats on the Turkish invaders. In memory of those killed, in 1997 the present temple was built.

For a final

Visiting the Kostenski waterfall is very pleasant and easy! It’s for getting up late or when you go for a lazy walk. It can be successfully combined with any other place in the area, and we decided to add the fortress above the Gate of Trajan pass.