Хапване в Будапеща / Eat in Budapest

You are in Budapest… and you are hungry? Here are some places that you can visit. I wondered if I would start with the best one, or to leave it for the end and I decided… I will let you suffer to the end of the article… And so you will read it all… Hmm… I wonder whether you will go straight to the final? Oh… well… I start with the best…

My suggestions for places to eat in Budapest…

1# Panineria  – The best sandwiches I have ever eaten or I imagined that I eat… I mentioned you about the sandwiches in Rome, but these one win in all categories! The places is Panineria Sandwich street and is located on Andrássy út 52, right next to the underground Oktogon. It’s a small restaurant with 5-6 tables outside. At the entrance there is a menu and you can choose in advance. The restaurant has tables inside too. There is also a fire-plug between them… I couldn’t understand what its purpose…

Anyway… The place is self-service, you order, you get a number and wait to call you. The things get very fast. Let’s go the food that my I drooled when I remember… My recommendation for order – sandwich №7, potatoes and curry sauce! If you are hungry, be sure that you will eat full and even you may not be able to eat it all… Brutal is a very soft definition of this sandwich… All lovers of such food would appreciate it extremely high… I have eaten a lot of delicious dishes, but this join the first ranks… The restaurant is perfect for combination with a visit to the House of Terror and Andrássy Blvd.

(Unfortunately… this place is closed… I have no information be moved to different location… 🙁 )

Trip Advisor rating – 4.5, 136th among the restaurants in Budapest.

2# Street food caravan – А bit strange, but the second best street food place. It’s not about a fixed restaurant, but about a whole street with everything that you need for eating. There were several variants for basic food, desserts and of course – beer. There are also tables between the caravans. It’s located in the Jewish quarter, Kazinczy u. 18. You can’t let through it, a very lively place.

The food was delicious, we eat 2 dinners here, trying different variants. Goulash in a bread bowl is great! Stew in a bread bowl… but Hungarian… and very tasty! There were different types, and the prices were completely acceptable. This is the other factor – low prices. A meal here was cheaper than in an ordinary restaurant. And it is quite appropriate if the evening is just starting out because it is the neighborhood of the best night bars. There was also a nitrogen ice cream from Rocket ice. There was no way to not try it… Brownie was very tasty.

Trip Advisor rating – 4.5, 111th among the restaurants in Budapest.

3# La Botte – If you want to dine in a restaurant in the center of the city, La Botte is the perfect choice! It is located on the famous street Váci. The Italian restaurant serves delicious pizzas, the atmosphere is very pleasant and definitely worth to be visited. Most restaurants in the center of Budapest are not cheap, and this is one of the few, which offer delicious food at relatively affordable prices. 40 cm pizzas cost about 5-11 euro, and pasta is about 6-8 euro. There are big pizzas – 70 cm, they are huge! There is a covered part and tables outside. A cozy restaurant in the city center, which can be combined with a midnight walk through the central parts of Budapest! And tiramisu is not to be missed…

Trip Advisor rating – 4.5, 98th among the restaurants in Budapest.

4# Jamie’s Italian – If you have never ate at Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant, it’s definitely worth to visit this one! The food is very delicious. The interior is interesting, and the staff is very kind. Orders come quickly. And here we stop with the superlatives… There are two minuses – there are always many people and the prices are not low at all, I would even say that they are quite high… We tried a lot of meals – lasagna, Ribeye Steak, burger and ravioli. The restaurant is suitable for a combination with the visit of the Fisherman’s Bastion and that part of the town. It’s located at Szentháromság u. 9-11, near Matthias Church.

Trip Advisor rating – 3.5, 324th among the restaurants in Budapest.

5# Walzer café – Here is the time of this little pastry shop. I will admit that my purpose for coffee and pastry was Ruszwurm  – one of the oldest and most traditional patisseries in Budapest. But there were so many people… At 350 meters from it is our place! A Walzer café was waiting for us far from the crowds hidden in an alley near Matthias Church. The entrance is like a coloured stain attached to the building. Several tables, lots of flowers and a palette of colours. Aside from the great interior, the café can offer us unique cakes and delicious hot chocolate with marshmallow. I tried brownies… one of the most delicious cakes I have ever eaten! A wonderful place for rest with coffee and pastry away from crowds with tourist. It’s located on Táncsics Mihály u. 12.

Trip Advisor rating – 4.5, 7th among the desserts and 85th among the restaurants in Budapest.

*I also give you a bonus, which I unfortunately didn’t manage to visit Book café  is located on the second floor of the Paris shop on Andrássy Blvd. When I was in Budapest it was closed for reconstruction… It is definitely worth visiting…