Хапване Лондон / Eat London

London is an abundance of fine restaurants and various tastes. From celebrity chefs to roadside stands… It’s got it all! I show you some of the places we have tried in our several visits to the city. London is huge and so we have always planned places to eat through our daily sightseeing plan ie. we are looking for something convenient in the area where we happen to be at lunch and dinner times.

💡 The headings with the names of the places are a link leading to the exact location.

Flat iron

This specialty steakhouse was one of those places we said “we’ll visit”! The desire of the owner is to create a tasty and affordable steak for everyone… Well, he succeeds! There are now 11 restaurants open today in key locations across London! Behind each of them sits a different inspiration and accordingly each has a specific interior. We visited the one on Denmark St, one of the most popular streets in the city, which is directly associated with British pop music and artists such as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder.

Besides a nice atmosphere, we got very good service, water and popcorn as a compliment! The menu is simple and focused mainly on the steak, and that’s why we came…They recommend serving it to us medium-roasted, because that way you can best feel the flavor and juices of the meat, and I agree with the professionals for a second! You can add a different sauce or side dish to the steak. On our visit the steak was priced at £10, but now is £13. From the side dishes, we tried green salad, creamed spinach and French fries. Only the variety of drinks, especially beers, wasn’t great.

The steak it arrives quickly and is served on a special metal board! Instead of a knife, we are given a small cleaver, which is also the Flat Iron logo. For £15 you can buy suchlike The taste of the meat is unique! The juices, the saltiness, everything was superb and melt in the mouth…

Pizza Piligrims

And in London we cannot go without eating pizza! I dare say it’s one of the best chains in town, starting from a van in 2011 and growing to 22 restaurants. The idea for Pizza Piligrims was born in two brothers (James and Tom) after a six-week trip on slow revs around Italy visiting pizzerias and different producers. So they’re bringing the Italian secrets to making a perfect pizza to British soil…

We visited the restaurant in Carnaby, having to walk around and wait a bit for a table to become available. The interior is modest, but gives a very pleasant atmosphere, and the checkered tablecloths take you somewhere in Italy… The price of pizzas is around £9-13. Sourdough is superb… puffy and fluffy! “In Crust We Trust” – the motto of the pizzeria, following the recipe for the perfect Neapolitan style of pizza. A style I love! We tried several different pizzas and each one was perfect, and the menu offers some pretty interesting combinations…

Franco Manca

As pizza fans, we can’t miss another popular chain offering perfect sourdough pizzas – Franco Manca. The quality and perfectly selected ingredients have contributed a lot to the popularity of the brand and today you can find it almost everywhere in London.

On one of our first evenings in London, we found ourselves around King’s Cross and headed to a nearby pizzeria. Reservation isn’t possible, but there were enough free seats. The menu is simple, and the variations of the pizzas depend on the seasonal products. On our visit, pizzas ranged from £5 to £8.30! They are a bit higher now (between £6.45 – £10.75) but definitely amazing value for money!

The pizzas come very quickly and the dough is crispy and just the way it should be! The tomato sauce, which is made from 100% organic production and a special variety of tomatoes coming from the volcanic region around Vesuvius, adds the perfect touch to the pizza.


Indian cuisine has become part of the traditional food of the Island, and typical dishes are available on almost every corner… It’s hard to decide where to eat delicious Indian food, but there’s one place which I had liked in advance – Punjab. Let’s start with this… This Covent Garden restaurant opened its doors in 1951 and has been owned by the same family all these years… fourth generation! This is the oldest North Indian restaurant in the UK!

They were able to accommodate us right away and the overall service was perfect! The restaurant specializes in curries, and the two must-tries are butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. Added with basmati rice and several varieties of the typical naan bread, you get a great experience for all lovers of Indian cuisine! And Cobra beer of course…

The Constitution

The good old pub… an institution in British culture! One such is The Constitution. It’s in the heart of Pimlico and the atmosphere inside is very nice! I had chosen it because of the promotional offers on different days of the week and after an afternoon stroll in Belgravia we headed there for dinner. Well, they disappointed us by telling us that the offers on the site were not current, but they compensated by having my favorite beer – Doombar. The dishes on the menu are classic British pub fare and we tried a variety of things. The food wasn’t bad and the prices are reasonable!

The Skinners Arms

Eat, drink, relax! This is the motto of another cozy pub near the two stations – King’s Cross and St. Pancras. Despite its central location, the friendly pub is far enough away from the hustle and bustle to accommodate many of London’s traveling guests and residents. We visited it after returning from a day’s visit to Canterbury. We liked that it wasn’t too crowded, on the contrary, we were greeted by a calm and friendly atmosphere. We tried several different dishes from the menu. The food is fresh, tasty and well priced. There is also a wide variety of beer taps!


Behind the creation of this chain lies the story of an inspiring woman – Zan Kaufman, a former corporate lawyer from New York, who brought the perfect American burger to London. In 2012, he decided to leave the lawyers guild for good and bought an old van, which is the birthplace of today’s four restaurants!

On one of our evening strolls around the Thames river on the South Bank, we ended up at Hungerford Bridge and the Bleecker Restaurant just under the bridge (this location is no longer active). We ordered a classic – a cheeseburger and fries! We got a machine to notify us when the order is ready. After a short wait, the two juicy burgers were with us. Perhaps the most succinct and accurate definition of Bleecker is “iconic simplicity”! They have resisted the temptation to complicate their menu offerings… You can also try their popular milkshakes!

Goddards at Greenwich

One of the most recognizable British dishes is pie and mash! It originated as a traditional part of the working class menu in London. It’s a doughy base filled with beef, mashed potatoes, and all topped with a sauce known as “liqueur”. Tradition dictates that the liqueur is made from the water of steamed eels. Eels were one of the few animal forms that survived in the highly polluted waters of the Thames. Over the years, recipes have changed, and the once popular eel liqueur pie is less and less common…

Goddards at Greenwich is one of the places that can still get you a taste of this traditional English dish! Their family business started back in 1890! The atmosphere inside is old and slightly cold. It definitely lacks comfort, but in combination with the uncomfortable wooden benches, it reminds of the harsh lifestyle of the working class in England. The procedure is as follows – you line up at the bar and order the type of pie you want. It’s good to have decided in advance what you’re going to eat so you don’t get late! Prices are perfect, around £5 and definitely worth a try!

Delizie D’Italia

This slice of Italy is located in the Pimlico district and we visited for lunch after a tour of the neighboring Chelsea district. It has a few small tables outside which aren’t very clean, but… nothing new for London. Inside is an abundance of Italian products! Drinks, croissants, salads, sandwiches and what not are available. We had come for the Italian panini and we weren’t disappointed! There is a huge variety and they were priced at £6.50. We added cappuccino and Bufala salad for a perfect Italian lunch!

The Breakfast club

One of London’s iconic brunch spots is The Breakfast club. They have over ten locations around the city! They are distinguished by a pop atmosphere from the 80s of the last century. They mix English and American style. So is the menu – colorful and varied! It offers plenty of dining options and great drinks. You can find it on the site and prepare in advance. We visited the location around London Bridge and luckily for us, there were no queues and we were able to eat very quickly. I recommend their wonderful American Pancakes!


Mmm…I sure do like British pies! Pieminister is another nice place where a huge variety of different traditional and not so traditional flavors can be found. The chain started in Bristol and today they have locations all over the country!

We visited their venue at Gabriel’s Wharf on a walk around the Thames, but sadly it is no longer active. They can be found at Borough Market or at their restaurant on Leather Lane. You can build your own pie by choosing the base and adding ingredients to it. They come in a variety of flavours, such as goat cheese, sweet potato and spinach or chicken, tofu, leek, garlic and wine… The price of the base is £5-6 and from there you build the dish to your liking…

Alfies Roof Top Kitchen

Another brunch spot! It’s between Little Venice and my favorite The Regent’s Park. In fact… if you don’t know it’s there, you’ll probably miss it! It is located on the top floor of an old antique market… Getting to it’s a veritable maze of different shops offering wonderful items…

But going up to the roof, you find yourself on the fantastic terrace, where the noise and bustle of the London streets simply disappears and a unique calm has settled in… You can try the breakfast offers which are very reasonably priced. There are also different homemade cakes every day!

The old bell

A perfect pub for a beer or a cocktail after long walks around central London. It’s located on Fleet Street, almost next to St. Paul’s Cathedral. As part of Nicholson’s pubs, the venue is of historic value and recreates a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere! They have a huge variety of drinks and typical pub food. There were not many people and we managed to rest well!

Milk Train

I never imagined the combination of cotton candy and ice cream, but this popular Instagrammable location offers it! The decor is in pastel colors and resembles a milk train. You can choose the ingredients yourself to make your ice cream and then seal it for Instagram.

💡 On the sites of almost all places you will find current prices! 😉