Лефкас - Лефкада / Lefkas - Lefkada

The capital of the island and the most visited city – Lefkas! Or Lefkada, you may find it named both ways. Unlike the other towns on the island, some older buildings can be found here and the Venetian touch can be felt in the local architecture. We were able to visit it both during the day and at night, when its atmosphere is radically different…

Where is located

The capital is located in the northernmost part of the island and is connected by a drawbridge to mainland Greece. This makes visiting Lefkada by car extremely easy and convenient! On both of our stops we were able to park in the large free parking next to the port – HERE. In the evening a little more difficult, but during the day there were many free places.

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Day walk in Lefkas

From there we slipped right into the little streets, walking through some of the older neighborhoods of Lefkas. We decided to get lost in them and enjoy the interesting houses. Aristocratic charm wafted from the capital of the island! And no matter how much we got lost, we always ended up on the main street Ioannou Mela. Most buildings have a simple design and a light wooden structure in the upper part. If you are wondering why there are no people in the pictures, it was around 4pm and the temperature felt like 36-38 degrees…

The main square (Piazza della Vittoria) houses some of the most beautiful examples of local architecture. It looks a bit like the Italian piazzas, after all they gave it its name. In the evening it is crowded with people, and during the day its heat is murderous…

From here the main street narrows slightly, which gave us the opportunity to find more shady places along it. It ends right next to the wooden bridge, one of the most photographed landmarks in the city. Another pleasant place for a walk starts from there, namely Angelou Sikelianou street parallel to the lagoon.

We decided to drink something refreshing at Sea to See. his was also my first exposure to the popular local drink “Soumada”. Most likely and last… Almond syrup is served, to which you have to add water and you are served a rusk. I guess to reduce the strong taste of almonds… Anyway, I didn’t really like it, but the drink is very common in Greece, Cyprus and parts of Turkey, and in the past it was often served at weddings, engagements and other celebrations.

Refreshed and rested, we went to the car along the other coastal street – Alekou Panagouli. It has much heavier traffic and almost impossible to walk on sidewalks. But with a view of the harbor and the yachts in it. We got bored quickly and decided to enjoy one last wander around the streets of Lefkas…

Night walk in Lefkas

If during the day it’s difficult to meet someone on the deserted streets, then in the evening life is boiling and the bars are full! Here is the biggest variety for nightlife and this attracts younger visitors. We just merged with the crowd and walked again through the main street, the central square and along the coast. On the street next to the lagoon (Angelou Sikelianou) are located most of the popular discos and bars and it had nothing to do with its daytime appearance. It was closed to cars and crowded with young people.

From there we deviated into the narrow streets to re-emerge on the main street Ioannou Mel and more precisely in its southern part. Two churches are located there – The church of the Pantocrator and Presentation of Mary. The first is a private church belonging to two local families and is only open to visitors on certain holidays. It was built in 1699 in honor of the liberation of the island from the Turks. Due to the many earthquakes, its current appearance is significantly newer, from 1830. The second one dates from 1720 and impresses with its traditional Ionic bell tower.

For a final

We liked Lefkas! But above all, the fact that the city was very lively until late hours, and the locals sat at the pubs or bought fresh fruits and vegetables from the still working shops…