Селищата на Лефкада / Towns of Lefkada

The island Lefkada is more popular for its picturesque beaches and nature than for any great architectural value. In 1953, a strong earthquake destroyed almost all of its infrastructure and the locals were forced to rebuild everything. Therefore, low-rise construction prevails and most buildings don’t exceed 2-3 floors.

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Despite the huge influx of tourists, there are no huge resorts and the calmness and natural look of the island has been preserved. The terrain on the east coast is the flattest and most accessible, making it the most urbanized part. The towns of Lefkada are the perfect solution to diversify the beautiful beaches with pleasant walks…

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Athani is a small village on the western slopes of Lefkada, which doesn’t have much to impress. The main road to the famous Porto Katsiki and Egremni beaches passes through its center, and several of its steep branches in both directions form the settlement.

We had chosen Atani for our stay on the island and our studio was on the highest part (Pure Blue). Driving here is definitely a challenge, but the location of the village gives it its most impressive attraction… the views! Especially from our terrace… We loved admiring this view!

There aren’t many options for walking here, other than wandering the moors and ending up at one of the two restaurants in the center. Both offer a great view and we chose Ο ΑΛΕΚΟΣ. The most delicious food we tried in Lefkada, but I told you about it in „Places to eat in Lefkada“. Then we also managed to enjoy a beautiful sunset… Watching the sunsets from Athani is a very good decision…


This was the nearest large settlement to our location, so we took the opportunity to visit it several times. When I say large… I mean compared to the scale of the others, otherwise it’s a small town with lots of options to stay. The bay with the beach of the same name is around 1.5 km long, but it failed to attract us to visit. It’s mostly popular for its perfect windsurfing conditions! But in the immediate vicinity is the picturesque beach of Agiofili, which we definitely liked.

Despite the abundance of taverns and bars, Vasiliki is a bit more relaxed compared to Lefkas and Nidri. Various day cruises depart from here to the popular beaches in the west, as well as to the nearby island of Kefalonia. Also and the water taxi to Agiofili who is active throughout the day.

We parked the car for free right HERE, near the port. From there, our walk continued along the lively promenade and several shopping streets. Many delicacies are lurking everywhere, and the small shops are full of all kinds of souvenirs and traditional local products. On our daytime visit, we tried great gyros at a nice table by the water – Giannis Grill House (Places to eat in Lefkada). On our evening tour, we enjoyed the romantic atmosphere of Vasiliki, carrying the feeling of island life… Exactly what we wanted to experience!


One of the most bohemian places on Lefkada! This narrow bay, cut deep into the southeast coast of the island, is a preferred harbor for expensive yachts and local fishermen. On the high hills surrounding it are perched luxurious villas with a wonderful panoramic view of the Ionian Sea. You can leave the car at the beginning of the port (HERE) and walk along the beautiful promenade. If you arrive by boat, most establishments offer a shower service to freshen up.

Walk around the entire port to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Sivota. The landscapes with predominantly sea blue and forest green are disturbed only by the shapes of the yachts that decided to drop anchor in the bay… The fishing nets are being dried directly on the promenade, and the air is filled with aromas from the many flowers that have crawling along the facades of the buildings… There are several souvenir shops, a supermarket, ATMs, cafes and of course nice fish restaurants offering tables right by the seafront. Sivota is very quiet and peaceful during the day, but thanks to the charming taverns, the place turns into a lively destination in the evening.

We arrived there at noon and were among the few who dared to walk in the brutal heat… We had already eaten in Vasiliki, so we decided to refresh ourselves with something very cold and have a midday coffee. We chose Sivota Bakery Cafe, where in addition to pleasant drinks, they offer tempting desserts and superb ice cream… Unfortunately, there were only a few ventilator inside, and they certainly weren’t enough for us to feel the necessary coolness, but the ice cream helped…

Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas is a small village on the west coast that has been officially declared a traditional village by the Ministry of the Environment. Due to its proximity to several beautiful beaches (Pefkoulia, Milos and Katisma) and the capital of the island, it is a preferred location for tourists to stay. Access to it for cars is limited and parking is on the main road – HERE.

Although we visited it twice, once for a night walk and the second time for lunch, we didn’t manage to devote much time to it and wander between the houses. We satisfied with just a walk along the main street, which is filled with various shops and taverns. In the evening we tried ice cream from Gelateria ELENA, and for lunch we stopped at Taverna Maistros, with a nice view of the central beach. It’s around the coast that life is concentrated in the evening, when the several bars turn up the music…


It’s probably the most lively town on the island… after the capital, of course! Nidri is located 16 km from Lefkas, along the east coast and is the typical seaside resort. We visited it twice in total, once for a night walk and second time for a morning beach at Maraboo Beach. In both case, we left the car in the large parking lot at the end of the port – HERE. The fee for the whole day is 3 euro, which saves you wandering around and looking for a free place…

We started our tour from the waterfront promenade… The little space on she, which was not occupied by any advertising sign or taverns tables, was strewn with a variety of flowers, contributing to the colorful of the place! On the left there is restaurant after restaurant, and on the right is the pleasant view of the harbor and the outline of the opposite hills. On the square around the monument of Aristotle Onassis is perhaps the peculiar center of this part of Nidri. Most of the cruise ships that visit the popular beaches and nearby Lefkada islands are located here.

Apart from the promenade, the street parallel to it is the other main commercial artery in Nidri. Car traffic is limited at certain times of the day and there are cafes, various shops, bakeries and so on. At Le Chocolat you can find great ice cream and typical Greek desserts, and at Tasty Gyros and grill since 1988 we ate delicious gyros. At times creeps in a view of the coast and the turquoise waters or of a courtyard with a parked moped. Sure, there are no photos from our night walk, except for two from the phone, because once again I forgot my camera…


Nikiana is a small port village located on the east coast. It’s located 7 km from Nidri and 9 km from Lefkada. Hotels and guesthouses predominate in it. The beach is stony, but with clear and calm water, like most in this part of the island. At Nikiana we stopped for a quick walk around the port and walked a bit around the country houses. You can leave the vehicle HERE. At the end of the port there is a nice tavern with tables on the seashore (Taverna Pantazis), which we had marked as an option for eating, but our visit was at noon, when we definitely didn’t feel like eating anything. In the streets, we came across trees laden with lemons… barely restraining ourselves from plucking a few…