Хапване Лефкада / Eat Lefkada

Apart from beautiful beaches and landscapes, the island of Lefkada has plenty of delicious food! The fame of the unique sunsets on the west coast gave me the idea to combine a pleasant dinner with the enjoyment of the orange shades in the sky… This is the reason why most of the restaurants in this article are located in this part of the island. Here are some suggestions on places to eat in Lefkada that can make your vacation on the island unforgettable!

💡 The headings with the names of the places are a link leading to the exact location.


This restaurant was the first place I had planned before the trip. It reveals a wonderful view of the steep slopes and the setting sun, and in addition is popular with the interesting flavors it offers on the menu. It was extremely interesting to try the specially marinated pork breasts, in combination with celery puree and kumquat jam… Or spinach risotto with sweetened lamb pieces… They definitely have a different view of food! And the attitude of the whole staff is very personal and friendly, constantly looking for customer feedback. Prices are normal for the island, the value of the main dishes is between 10 and 15 euro.


We decided to visit this restaurant for lunch. It has a great view, and going at this time of day, we were its only customers! Prices are normal for the island, one idea higher than in the northern part of the country. We tried some of the appetizers, such as zucchini balls and saganaki (fried hard cheese, which is yellow in color and is typical of Greece). The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing and would be suitable for dinner…

Amente Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

This place is rapidly gaining popularity among visitors to the island! Just opened in 2020, the restaurant is now one of the almost must-see places to visit Lefkada. This is mainly due to its perfect location, which makes it an ideal choice for a romantic dinner at sunset. The photos clearly show that during our visit the island was shrouded in a strange fog, which completely hid the sun and did not allow us to enjoy it…

Advance reservation is required. The prices are one idea higher than a regular tavern, but they are certainly not artificially inflated. The menu does not overflow with unnecessary variety, but focuses on several interesting dishes. The squid was served in a creative way and garnished with a variety of flavors.

Amente’s amazing atmosphere creates the illusion of dinner in the clouds. But… keep in mind that the best tables, those on the edge of the terrace, have limited access and are almost impossible to reserve…

Taverna Maistros

This tavern is one of the many restaurants in Agios Nikitas. We visited it after Pefkoulia beach to have lunch. It’s located at the end of the pedestrian promenade to the beach of the village and is both in a slightly cool place and provides a great view of the waters of the Ionian Sea… It was this view, the sea landscape creeping among the tables of the taverns, that made me choose it…

The prices were not very low, as a portion of grilled octopus cost 16 euro. We also tried Greek salad and moussaka. The portions were in a pretty good amount, but in terms of quality there is still much to be desired… The hunger, the cold beer and the pleasant view compensated for the small shortcomings.


My favourite! And let me tell you, this place was very questionable for me… There were almost no reviews about it. There are still not many on Tripadvisor, while in Google, at the beginning of the summer there were only around 10… But something told me it would be very tasty… It was just below our apartment and on our second night on the island we walked past it. We liked the atmosphere and the next night we decided to sit.

The weather was foggy all day and didn’t allow the sun to appear… Such were the two previous evenings… So we decided to leave the popular places to meet the sunset for the next few days and just sit at a nearby restaurant… Well, just before dinner the sky cleared and gave us one of the most beautiful sunsets during our stay!

And the food was great! The main dishes were around 10 euro, which are great prices for Lefkada! We tried zucchini, tzatziki, grilled bream and excellent burgers… The best beef meatballs I’ve ever eaten! There was a fresh hint of mint in the flavoring of the minced meat… The portions were more than plentiful… enough to overeat! Only a few wasps tried to spoil our experience, but they failed!


We couldn’t miss lunch with a traditional gyros in a loaf of bread! We were hungry after a few hours on Agiofili beach and stopped in Vasiliki. Yannis Grill House has three tables right by the sea and several on the other side of the street. Luckily there was a free one right next to the water. The atmosphere around the port of Vasiliki is great! Fast service, delicious gyros and affordable prices – 3.50 euro with chicken! We also tried their fried cheeses, which also didn’t disappoint.

Fly Me Sun & Stars Bar

Admittedly, our goal was to dine at Rachi. Reservations aren’t possible and guests are first accommodated at Fly Me to wait for a table to be vacated. Well, we liked it here so much that we didn’t even think for a moment when we refused our turn in the waiting list… Yep, the kitchen isn’t impressive, but we ordered a plate of different seafood bites to eat something anyway.

The atmosphere of the place is unique! You feel like you’re just lying in the clouds… The steep garden with beds is the perfect place to meet the sunset in Lefkada! During the day it is used for flights with paraglider, and in the afternoon it becomes one of the most emblematic places on the island… Undoubtedly, this restaurant must be visited during a holiday in Lefkada…

Taverna Oasis

This tavern is a real oasis in the middle of nowhere! It was our choice for lunch after Egremni and Porto Katsiki. There is a spacious parking lot and a huge yard with a great sea view. It has a typical Greek food, so we decided to try grilled squid (12.50 euro), a snack with eggplant (3.90 euro) and a portion of gyros (8.50 euro). Everything was very tasty and the service perfect. After such huge portions, it is very difficult to continue touring Lefkada…

Taverna Elena

Another typical tavern with a great location and a wonderful atmosphere! It is located in Vliho Bay and is accessible both by car from the main road and by boat on the water. It has a small marina where customers can moor. We never took a boat during our stay, that’s why we came by car… There is parking for several cars, and to get to the heart of the restaurant you go through a shady garden. You have to be careful with the piled orange trees, because some fruit may fall on your head… 😀

The restaurant offers a huge variety of seafood, but we were not very hungry and decided to eat less. We tried their Greek salad (6 euro), garlic snack (3.50 euro) and Papoutsakia – stuffed eggplant with minced meat, baked with cheese (8.50 euro). The tavern is great and predisposes for a pleasant holiday with a view of the parked yachts in the bay…

Thea Cafe Bar

A cafe with a unique view… It’s located high above Desimi and can be reached by a steep and narrow road. There is a small parking lot, which is enough for several cars. We were the only visitors, which gave us the opportunity to spread throughout the restaurant. We decided to sweeten up with a waffle, which was certainly not something who knows what… The most impressive is to take a sip of your coffee, contemplating the beautiful landscape to the bay Vliho…

P.S. Unlike many other places in Greece, in Lefkada almost everywhere the bread that was placed on the table was paid for. And everything else they can bring you. Another impression made us that there was no dessert to compliment at the end of the dinner…