Монте Балдо / Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo rises around Lake Garda to 2 218 meters at its highest point and takes about 50 miles between the provinces of Trento and Verona. As you can imagine, the views from  the mountain are amazing! Especially towards the lake… In clear weather, with a look can be covered the distance from Riva del Garda to one end of the lake, to Peschiera del Garda in the other. Well, unfortunately during my visit was not so clear, but still from time to time, Malcesine and Riva del Garda were clearly visible.

How to climb up?

The easiest way to get to this view is the Malcesine cabin lift. The town is small and you will easily find where the lift station is. The schedule is always update on the site and you can check it here. The regular ticket price in both directions is 22 euro. It’s a little expensive, but the walk is worth it… The lift is a cabin and is one of the few 360 degrees in Europe. During the climbing, which lasts about 20 min, the cab is rotating and gives you a great experience and full panoramic view. There is an intermediate station before the end station – San Michele. Almost everyone will be for Monte Baldo, so you will not find it difficult to orientate yourself.

On the ridge of Monte Baldo

As you descend from the cabin you have already risen to 1 760 m. Here you can spend hours! But if you do not have much time, I advise you to follow the following route… As you leave the lift, take the path to the left. About a kilometer and a half away there is a panoramic ground overlooking the town of Riva del Garda. Almost on all the way to your left will reveal spectacular views of the lake, and on the right… carelessly and undisturbed will feed cows on the sloping meadow. Mountain idyll! Have in mind that time changes dramatically in a fraction of a second… As it is clear and sunny, suddenly such a fog may fall that nothing can be seen…  You will recognize the ground by the wooden fence. Yea… the views from here are incredible… Apart with its panoramas, Monte Baldo is also known for its vast diversity of plant species, which can be found here. It is also called “Hortus Europae” or “The garden of Europe”…

Oh… for a while to forget… do not rely on the last hour of descent from the top! There are huge queues at the station, plan an early descent…