Залез в Рим / Sunset in Rome

It is almost impossible to watch the sunset and not to dream… especially if you are in Eternal city! The location of the city predisposes to the presence of very high places, revealing wonderful views and if you are lucky with the conditions… you can get fabulous pictures! I showed you places for lunch and from where to photograph the Colosseum, and now it’s time for my suggestions for welcome the sunset in Rome.

Sunset in Rome… from where to watch it?

#1  The Orange Garden – they are located on one of the seven hills since the founding of Ancient Rome – Aventin. The Gardens are one of the places that I wanted most to visit. They were created in the fourteenth century by the Savelli family, one of the noble families who left their mark in the city. The hill is just above the Tiber and reveals panoramic views over the river, and you can clearly see the dome of St. Peter. Many young people gather at the observation ground. The walk among the orange trees, the sounding music, the setting sun… a charming romantic picture that it’s hard to be described… Lets’not forget that the Secret of Rome is right next to them.

#2 Pincio – the high green oasis over Piazza del Popolo! This is the place where you fall into another world, greenery and calmness surround everything around. And if many people gather in the Orange Gardens at sunset, here they are even more. Although it is not one of the original seven hills of Rome, Pincio offers unsurpassed views, and the most impressive is above Piazza del Popolo. It is a very popular place to send the last sun rays. Like almost everywhere in Rome and here you will see street musicians who contribute to the romantic mood. This was my second choice to shoot the sunset, and the casual people on the square contributed to some great photos.

And two more suggestions…

#3 The Spanish steps – Piazza di Spagna is a magnet for all tourist who visit the Eternal city. The stairway was added in the 20s of the 18th century to connect the square with the Renaissance church of St. Trinity on the hill above. And thanks to them, today is revealed a great opportunity to observe the sunset and to get pictures of the crowded people on the stairs. There are also many restaurants on the roofs of the buildings around, but with a view to their prices… I recommend you to get beer from a neighborhood store and enjoy the setting sun.

#4 Janiculum – the highest among the Roman hills. It is situated on the west bank of the Tiber, the hill towers over the famous Trastevere quarter.  Climbing to Garibaldi square is easy and pleasant. Multitude monuments turn the hill into a small open-air museum. Here is the monument of Captain Petko Voyvoda. Reaching the square with the huge statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, famous for all the Italians, you are now in the most beautiful part of the hill. Through the lush vegetation surrounding Janiculum reveal views over the entire Trastevere quarter and St. Peter on the other side of the square. Here are no crowds of tourists, you can see young local people sharing the last moments of the day and musicians enjoying the great landscapes.